Tuesday, October 9, 2012


I got into Vanuatu four days ago! I'm currently in the resource room of the Peace Corps office, but I don't have a lot of time to make an update since I have to run really quick. Hopefully I'll be able to put up a better set of posts in a few weeks ... months?

I'm currently in Pango Village at IDS Bible Camp, maybe like 20-25 minutes outside of the capital. On Sunday, I'll be moving to a village on the northeast part of Efaté Island, where I'll be until about December 6th (swearing in.) No internet, not sure about power ... This is looking very fun, and also like I'm not going to be able to easily keep this updated. (Still, thanks mom! I'll send you a letter as soon as I can!) I just bought a couple of things at Au Bon Marché (like a miniature Target) and a nice bush knife to go crack open coconuts and kill things with. I think that this is going to end up a lot of fun--I'll give you a better heads up when I can!